Brand story

When I was a little girl, my mother designed all kinds of beautiful hairstyles for me. in her eyes, I was the most beautiful princess, she collected pictures of all kinds pretty hairstyles and find many beautiful headdresses
In the eyes of that little girl, all the stuff was so miraculous in Mum’s hands. It was just like an incredible castle. Mum was fairly changing her to a real princess.
So, the little girl, me, built my own team and founded this company for all the girls in the world, who has a similar dream—beauty creates future! I hope all the girls owning this dream can enjoy the hair world with us !!!
We believe that to be the very best is a lifetime journey, therefore we want to help our customers to make the right choices and to have the very best.
We offer a range of high-quality specialized hair products and are committed to satisfying our customers by providing excellence in all aspects of our business relationship.
SarahOnHair is thicker, longer, more durable and more affordable than our